IntelliJ IDEA

Creating a new Ext Speeder Project in IntelliJ IDEA

This guide explains the steps of creating a new Ext Speeder project in Eclipse. If you have not already, make sure you have modified your settings.xml-file with the code sent to you by email.
  1. Go to FileNewProject...
  2. Make sure you are under the Maven tab, make sure that the Project SDK is 1.8 and that the Create from archetype-checkbox is unchecked. Click the Next button.intellij1
  3. Enter a GroupId, ArtifactId and Version for the new project. Any values can be used.intellij2When you have entered the properties, click Next.
  4. Enter a Project name and Project location. Any values can be used. Click Finish.intellij3
  5. You will now return to the workspace of IntelliJ IDEA. Expand the newly created project by clicking the arrow on the left side of the project name.intellij4
  6. Double-click the file named "pom.xml" and add the following within the <project>-tags. Do not forget to choose your database type first.Do not forget to choose your database type below.




In the top-right corner of the window you might notice a message with the text "Maven projects need to be imported". Click on Import Changes it to import the Ext Speeder dependencies.

Starting the Ext Speeder Tool from IntelliJ IDEA

Ext Speeder is designed to run as a Maven Goal inside the IDE. To launch it, follow the steps below:
  1. In the far right of the IntelliJ window you should see a tab labeled Maven Projects. Maximize it to see the tree of Maven Goals. If the tab is not visible, turn it on by selecting the menu ViewTool WindowsMaven Projects. intellij5
  2. Navigate to PROJECT NAMEPluginsextspeeder.
  3. Double-click the extspeeder:tool goal.Tip: It is possible to regenerate the project without launching the graphical tool by running the extspeeder:generate goal. It will rerun the most recent configuration. intellij6


I get the error "Could not find artifact ? You need to download the Oracle Connector jar version from the Oracle Website and install it on your local machine. Here is a guide on how to install the jar.